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About Me

My name is Ashley Trawick and I am a 3D character animator from sunny Pensacola, Florida!


From an early age, I knew that I wanted my artwork to play a major role in my career path. I discovered my passion for computer animation during college and never looked back! I love observing how personalities show off unique gestures and inspire empathy, and I strive to capture them in my work. As an animator, artist, and filmmaker, I aspire to breathe life into stories and characters that entertains audiences worldwide.
I first started animating as a student in the Visual Language Program at the University of Central Florida. I was a member of a small production team that spent two years, developing and producing an award-winning animated short titled “Squeaky Business.” This experience drove me to continue pursuing opportunities to develop my skill sets further at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Through my studies, I had the opportunity to work collaboratively on other animated productions, direct my own thesis animated film, and ultimately evolve as a artist.

My desire to bring life to pictures, characters, and stories, and experience within teams of artists who share my passion has taught me to value the collaborative spirit and creativity that lends itself to film productions. Now that I've graduated from SCAD, my goal is to attribute my personal skill sets to a high-quality production company that challenges my creative spirit and encourages personal growth as a filmmaker.


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